Fresh/Frozen Vegetables, Syrup Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer, Fresh/Frozen Fruits, Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Sauce and Gravy, Sauce Mix, Fresh/Frozen,

Fish Pasta and Noodle, Seasoning and Flavor, Bouillon, Fish (Salted, Dried, Smoked), Cereals Pickles,Western & Oriental, Shell Fish/Molluscus Grains,
Cake Mix, Bonded Meats (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cured), Meat & Meat Products, Domestic Salt and Sugar, Bonded Meat Products (Ham, Bacon, Sausage),
Bread/Cake/Pastry, Food Color, Essence Bonded Tinned Meat (Stabburet & Others), Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Pudding, Gelatin, Spices and Herbs,
Butter, Cheese Domestic, Dressing and Vinegar, Bonded Fish Frozen, Oil and Fat, Bonded Tinned Fish (Stabburet & Others), Bonded Dairy Products...

Our main goal is to  provide first class service
implementing the highest quality standards
in the industry.


Adrimed d.o.o.

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Slovenia EU

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